오피니언 [기고문] 한국 파트너십, 더 강하고 풍요로운 조지아 보장
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글 작성: 브라이언 켐프, 제83대 조지아 주지사

브라이언 켐프 조지아 주지사가 22일 한국 공식방문을 이틀 앞두고 각 언론사에 기고문을 보내왔다.

‘한국 파트너십은 더 강하고 풍요로운 조지아를 보장한다’는 제목의 기고문에는 이번 한국 출장의 의미와 한국이 조지아주 번영에 얼마나 기여하고 있는지를 설명하고 있다.

기고문 내용에 따르면, 조지아주에는 최소 113개 한국기업이 9000명 이상의 조지아 주민을 고용하고 있다. 2018년 조지아주에서 한국으로의 수출은 10억300만 달러로 9위를 기록했고, 수입은 59억6000달러로 5위를 기록했다.

특히 주지사가 한국에 관심을 갖는 이유는 최근 한국에서 큰 투자가 연이어 이뤄지고 있기 때문이다. 지난 12개월 사이 한국기업들은 총 20억 달러를 투자해 3천개의 일자리를 창출해냈다.

켐프 주지사는 상신 테크놀로지, 한화큐셀, 기아자동차, SK이노베이션 등을 방문할 것이라고 밝혔는데, 이들 모두가 조지아주에 큰 규모의 투자와 일자리 창출을 일궈낸 기업들이다.

특히 SK이노베이션은 지난해말 16억7000만 달러를 들여 2000개의 일자리를 창출하는 베터리 공장을 착공했다. 이는 조지아주 역사상 가장 큰 규모의 해외자본 유치로 기록됐다.

나아가 SK이노베이션은 추가로 5억 달러 규모의 투자를 검토하고 있다. 이번 켐프 주지사의 한국 방문의 클라이막스가 바로 이곳 SK이노베이션이 될 것으로 예측되는 이유다.

다음은 켐프 주지사의 기고문 전문.

Op-ed: South Korean Partnership Ensures a Stronger, More Prosperous Georgia
BY: Brian P. Kemp, 83rd Governor of Georgia

With low unemployment, rising wages, and unrivaled economic opportunity fostered by strong leadership at the State Capitol, it is a great time to be a Georgian.

The top state for business six years in a row, Georgia continues to outperform national trends. From agriculture, the Peach State’s oldest and largest industry, to cyber, FinTech, and Healthcare IT, we boast a robust economy with industry leaders who are proud to call Georgia home.

To keep Georgia competitive and ensure a bright and promising future for our families, we must keep taxes low, government business-friendly, and advance legislation that encourages job creators to innovate, expand, and invest.

We must also strengthen existing international partnerships and realize the full economic potential that exists beyond our borders. 

Georgia is home to many internationally based companies who employ thousands of hardworking Georgians, generate tax revenue, and create economic impact in every corner of our state. As Georgia’s economic footprint grows, it is imperative to maintain powerful relationships with our international partners. 

Next week, I will travel to South Korea for my first trade mission as Georgia’s governor to strengthen relationships with one of our most impactful economic partners.

Georgia is home to at least 113 Korean facilities, employing over 9,000 Georgians. Korea is the ninth largest export market for our state, totaling $1.03 billion in 2018 exports and serves as the fifth largest import market for Georgia, totaling $5.96 billion in 2018 imports.

In the last twelve months alone, the Department of Georgia Economic Development has announced nearly $2 billion in investment from Korean companies, which amounts to 3,000 new jobs in cities and rural communities throughout Georgia. These innovative companies are creating high-paying jobs for the future, manufacturing solar cells and electric car batteries for the world.

During this important - and timely - trade mission, we will tour Sangsin Technology. Announced in March of 2019, Sangsin is building a new facility in Henry County, creating 200 jobs and investing $20 million in its first North American manufacturing facility. Sangsin Technology America is a global leader in brake friction materials and replacement parts manufacturer.

Next, we will visit Hanwha Q CELLS, a global, leading photovoltaic manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules. While on-site, we will connect with the Korean Importers Association - an organization that helps Georgia companies enter into the Korean market.

Last year, Hanwha Q CELLS Korea announced a new module manufacturing facility in Dalton. They are wasting no time, hiring about 600 people in just seven months. We are excited to learn more about their operations and plans for the Peach State.

Before the Great Recession, Kia made one of the biggest, single foreign investments in the history of Georgia by establishing a state-of-the-art production facility in West Point. Since then (2006), Kia and its suppliers have helped create more than 14,000 jobs and produced more than 2.6 million vehicles for customers around the globe. On Wednesday, our trade mission will visit the Kia Research & Development Center and Test Track and work to develop our strong relationship with senior leadership at Kia. 

Shortly after being elected governor, I was proud to stand with Governor Nathan Deal to announce Georgia’s largest economic development project in modern history. SK Innovation, a developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles, is building a new manufacturing plant in Jackson, which will create more than 2,000 jobs and invest $1.67 billion in Jackson County.

While in South Korea, we will visit a plant similar to the one being built in Jackson County and meet with SK Innovation leadership.

Trade missions are critically important for building and maintaining the international relationships that have made Georgia a global competitor for investment and trade and the No. 1 place in the nation to do business. We will continue to foster equitable international partners - like in Korea - that ensure a stronger, more prosperous future for Georgia.

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